Bill Roper: Falling Toward Orion
Bill Roper: Seven Miles a Second

Dodeka Records

When we decided to start publishing filk tapes, we figured it was time to convert from a partnership to an S corporation. All we needed was a name.

As it happened, we had a perfectly good name lying around. Gretchen and I are two of the founding members of SpaceTime Theater (Chicagoland's favorite non-resident science-fiction comedy improv troupe) and were responsible (with her then-husband, Doug) for writing a lot of the early sketches. One of those sketches was about the misadventures of the worst rock band in the galaxy, Press Enter. Of course, the band had to have a producer and a record label, both of which showed up in the second Press Enter sketch — Katie Hook of Dodeka Records as played by Gretchen.

Me? I was Paul, the serious musician in the group. But I digress...

Anyway, we incorporated as Dodeka Records in 1990 and have been officially operating under that name ever since. Our first two tapes, Music After Midnight by Dave Clement and Who Let Him In Here? by Tom Smith came out at Chicon V in 1991. Cassette tape having become woefully obsolete, both of those are now out of print, although you can get a digital download of the latter directly from Tom.

Now we're producing CDs. Very slowly...