Butterfly Wind

Lyrics and Music ©2005 by Bill Roper

Gretchen had taken just taken over driving on the way to FilkOntario, when I looked out the window and thought to myself, "Butterfly Wind". This had nothing at all to do with the weather at the time, this being Canada in early April. But I managed to write the song at the con anyway.

C                Am7
Headed east from San Francisco,
Dm7           G
Lookin' for a place I should go.
C                Am7              Dm7      G
Needed just some time to clear my mind.
Dm7               G
In the mountains, in a meadow,
C             Am7
Far away from all that I know,
Dm7            G               Dm7       G
Found a little place I could unwind.

	C              F          G
	In a butterfly wind, it's magic,
	        C                      Am
	And I'm looking for a way to begin.
	               F          G
	In a butterfly wind, it's tragic
	       C                          Am
	If you never find your way there again.
	                  Dm7        G
	And the butterfly wind blows sweetly
	         Em7                           Am7
	And it's gentle like the touch of your hand
	                 Dm7      G             C
	As the butterfly wind whispers over the land.

Lay there with the grass below me
In a world that didn't know me.
Saw him gently flutter cross the sky.
Drifting softly on the breezes.
Taking comfort where he pleases.
God, I wish I knew the way to fly.

	(On) (Chorus)

Sat there for a moment resting,
Orange and black wings attesting
That he was the king of all his race.
Then he flew and I flew with him
To the home where I'd been livin'
And brushed my fingertips across your face.

	(Like) (Chorus)  (In) (Chorus)

Am7                  Dm7
And I'm holding your hand
G              C
In a butterfly wind.