Café Underground

Lyrics and Music ©2009 by Bill Roper

Little clubs that are able to book big acts for attentive listeners are a wonderful thing. And you never know who's going to show up on any given night.

       E                                         A
If you think there's something missing as you're working through the days
        C              D              E
And you wish you had a way to make it right,
Let's take a little trip to where the music always plays
    C                D                E
And see what band is grooving there tonight.
    D               A                 E
You never know just who will take the stage
           D               A                 Am            B7
And you'll never know just when it was their music was the rage.

If you had the chance to be there,
          A              Am
Would you like to follow me there?
            E                              C#7
‘Cause I've gone and bought a ticket for a passage we can share.
        F#m7                            Am7/G
We will find a corner table where we'll listen to the sound
    E                           C#7
And settle back and buy another round
         F#m7            B7        E       Am7/G   E Am7/G
As we're chillin' at the Café Underground.

There's John, Paul, George, and Ringo back from 1964
Reminding me I want to hold your hand.
And next up is a group that we have never heard before
That's gonna be the grandkids' favorite band.
So listen to the rhythm and the rhyme
‘Cause we've got the best musicians here from all of space and time.

        A      Am               E
There's CSN in harmony and they haven't lost a note
    A               Am                 E
And Croce's singing songs that I would swear he never wrote.
A                Am             E
Peter, Paul, and Mary are still leavin' on a plane
    A             Am                B7
And Mac is back together where they never broke the chain.

The hours have run together, but it isn't getting late
So there's no need to hurry for the door.
No windows to remind us and the music is first-rate
So time will wait for us to hear some more.
You never know just who will take the stage
Or on what side of reality their music was the rage.

(Chorus twice to coda)
         F#m7            B7
As we're chillin' at the Café
          F#m7             B7
And we're thrillin' at the Café
               F#m7           B7
‘Cause they're killin' at the Café
     E      Am7/G
     E      Am7/G
     E      Am7/G   E