Lyrics and Music ©2019 by Bill Roper

So here's a song about programming. Sort of.

There are days when programming is more of an art form than you might think.

    CaddD      Dm7         G/D       CaddD
The problem is real, the solution is not,
      CaddD          F            G/D
And I canít solve it now with the tools that Iíve got.
    Dm7      G/D        Em7          Am7/G
The canvas before me is blank as can be
    Dm            Dm7          G/D
And filled with a picture that only I see.

    CaddD      Dm7          Em7           Dm7
Iím painting a picture with if, else, and then.
C/G        F/G     Am7          G/D
Filling in colors, beginning to end.
    Dm7         Em7           Am7/G       Dm7
And when I have drawn all the paths I can find,
         CaddD   Dm7          Am7       G/D
Will the image reflect what I see in my mind?

Rough in the circle to hold and to bind
The dancers with answers who waltz in my mind.
Committed to canvas to hold them in place,
Now fill in the holes in the negative space.

Fmaj7                  Cmaj7
Painting the canvas by touch and by feel.
Fmaj7                  Cadd9
Creating solutions and making them real.
           F           G/D          E7             Am7
And youíre watching me work and you swear that Iím blind,
           Dm7                                G/D
ĎCause you think that the answers are easy to find.

My painting is done now or so I believe.
I study the lines where the paths interleave.
The dancers all frozen in time where they stand
To produce the solution upon my command.

(Chorus and alternate chorus)

Iíve painted a picture with if, else, and then.
Filled in the colors, beginning to end.
Iíve drawn all the paths and I know where they lead
And I pray at the end is the answer I need.

      CaddD       Dm7        Em7      CaddD
And I pray at the end is the answer I need.