Chickasaw Mountain Walk

Lyrics and Music ©2000 by Bill Roper

Ok, this was one of the songs where the first two lines kept presenting themselves until I finally had to sit down and write it. References? Yeah, we got references here...

   C                   Am
As I was a-going up on Chickasaw Mountain
F                         C            Am
I met Sgt. Pepper and his money he was counting.
        C                            Am
There's something in the water and I swear it's not Viagra.
  F                               C           Am
I feel just like a barrel looking down upon Niagara.

	Wack full the derry-o.
	Wack full the derry-o.
	    C         G     C
	Who spiked my water jar?

And further up the hillside was the Mother of Invention.
She looked on my necessity and made a huge convention.
The fans were all gathered ‘neath the bright ballroom lighting
And over in the corner, little Pokemon were fighting.


The dragon said to follow, in a voice I still remember.
"My Bond's my word," he promised, "so you will not be dismembered."
The party followed after – on the hillside they were dancing.
The boy was blowing butterflies and unicorns were prancing.


Upon the mountain's peak, I found a meditating guru.
He said, "I've got a secret.  If you want it, do what I do."
I sat there in the lotus as he warned, "It's rather risky
To drink the water in this place.  I recommend the whisky."