Lyrics and Music ©2008 by Bill Roper

Like a lot of my songs, this one started out from the chord pattern and worked forward. You look at the chorus and say, "Now what exactly is this about?" and then figure it out.

Erica's comment when she first heard it: "Good. Now I know what to request to follow 'Uplift'." Yeah, that'll work ok.

E         Asus2
One thing leads to another.
    Cmaj7                    D6
I'm waiting to find out just what we might discover.
E                Asus2
One thing you'll see upon reflection 
     Cmaj7                             D6
That looking in the mirror when you're making your inspection
Cmaj7                                D6
Leads you down the road where you're taking that connection
   E       D6      E    D6
To me.  To me.  To me.

E          D6
Round rock rolling down the mountain.
Cmaj7                            D6
Pretty soon you find there's too many to be countin'.
E            D6
Landslide is gonna overtake you.
    Cmaj7                        D6
The only chance you've got of surviving is to make you
  E         D6        E       D6
A wheel.  A wheel.  A wheel.
E       D6
Axle to hold two wheels together.
Cmaj7                    D6
Bind it to the ox with a harness made of leather.
Asus2                           B7
Before too long you're taking a spin.
                    E    Asus2
That's the way to begin.

Sharp stick falling where you threw it.
You hoped that you would eat, but you know that you just blew it.
Dinner fleeing from the clearing
And as you listen close, you are sure that you are hearing
A laugh.  A laugh.  A laugh.
Arrow leaping from a bowstring
Going farther, faster than the spear that you were throwing.
With feathers from the birds in the sky,
You are making it fly.

Cmaj7                      D6
I am the man who tamed the fire.
F        Em7                Asus2
I am the one who shaped the stone.
Dm        Em7             Asus2
And now I see us reaching higher
      Dm                 Em7
And I look at what we've known
      Dm              Em7
And I wonder if we've grown.
        Dm                 Em7               Asus2
If your folk are that much different from my own.
My own.

Mankind harnessing the lightning,
Learned to split the atom  now there was something frightening.
Fusion to put them back together
Left us with the fear that the nuclear winter weather
Would fly.  Would fly.  Would fly.
What's next?  Look into the mirror.
Take another look and the picture's getting clearer.
You think we're smart enough not to die?
Well, let's give it a try.

(Chorus twice)