Crosstime Bus

Lyrics and Music ©2004 by Bill Roper

It all started when I decided to take Gretchen on a cruise to Hawaii. We'd been on cruises before and I hadn't had any real problem with seasickness. I had neglected to consider the difference between the Caribbean in springtime and the North Pacific in November.

I spent the first day and a half in the cabin curled up in a fetal position. When I recovered enough to move around and eat, I quickly found that reading wasn't a good idea. But I'd bought Sweet Baby James, the mahogany Baby Taylor, so I'd have a guitar on the trip and I found that I could play the guitar. Thank God!

I ended up writing four songs on the trip. This is the first of the seasickness set. (Gretchen's waiting for the dancers in zoot suits to show up. Me too.)

Am            C
Looking for a place
        D        E7
Lost in time and space?
     Am      C
Just one low fare
          D  E7
Takes you anywhere.
        Am    C
I'm the crazy cuss
       D         E7
On the Crosstime Bus.
     Am            E7        Am
Come on and take a ride with me.

	     C             D          E7
	I'll take you on a journey to Oz.
	        C        D           E7
	If they ask why, say "Just because."
	    Am         C
	Any fairy tale land
	   D              E7
	Of which you're a fan
	    Am           E7          Am
	Can be your destination with me.

If outer space
Is your choice of place,
From Luna City bars
To the sands of Mars.
If you'd have a little fun
On the asteroid run,
Come on and take a ride with me.

	A torch ship's just the thing
	To take you from here to the ring.
	The system's free
	At accel one gee.
	Come on and take a ride with me.


	         F               G             Am
		I'll take you to the worlds of the Hub
		   F         G      Am
		Or down into Nemo's sub.
		        F      G              Am
		You can be any place that you want to be
		       G                  E7
		On the Crosstime Bus with me.

If you don't want to change,
Just rearrange.
If you're looking for the door,
'Cause your life's a bore.
Just one more pass
Through the Looking Glass.
Come on and take a ride with me.

	Ladies, tired of your man?
	You want to be holding another hand?
	If the name of the game
	Is to fan an old flame,
	Come on and take a ride with me.

		Anything you want to know,
		Just step aboard and we'll go.
		One quick slip and we're there.
		The Crosstime Bus goes everywhere.

(Chorus twice)

Come on and take a ride with me.
Come on and take a ride with me.