Crystal Dance

Lyrics and Music ©2007 by Bill Roper

I wrote this on one of the first really hot days of the summer. I guess I wanted it to be cooler...

   Dsus2                       A7sus4
In winter-white forest they're dancing again.
     Cadd9          Em7         Dsus2
They float and they leap in the arms of the wind
And in her cold breath see them starting to spin.
   Cadd9       Em7          Dsus2
In bitter-cold winter watch magic begin.
    Cadd9   Em7         Dsus2
The icicles ring with a crystalline tone
      Cadd9      Em7          A7sus4
And a music that you've never known.
Dsus2       Amadd4      Em7/D       Gm6        Dadd9sus4
Deep in the forest, the ice fairies dance all alone.
All alone.

The sunlight in winter is bitter and cold
And the snow on the ground has the chance to grow old
And give birth to fairies who dance in the air.
Look sharp in the forest, you'll see they are there.
They dance and they twirl round the trunks of the trees.
They stay deep in hiding so nobody sees
That fairies still dance in a world that mankind calls its own.
All alone.

	     Em7                         A7sus4
	They dance through the winter on ice-crystal wings,
	      Em7                  A7sus4
	Their magic preserving the promise of spring.

Walk soft through the forest some cold winter day
And be very still  you'll catch fairies at play.
They dance to the music of crystalline sound
As the sunlight reflects off the snow-covered ground.
They'll dance through the winter until the spring thaw,
But though they are gone, you'll still know what you saw.
That magic survives, it's alive, and it thrives on its own.
All alone.   Gm6
     Dsus2   Gm6
All alone.
     Dsus2   Gm6   Dsus2
All alone.