Lyrics and Music ©1987 by Bill Roper

Sometimes, you get an idea from a source completely unrelated to the completed song. In this case, it turns out that the first line of The Starlight Barking, the SFnal sequel to 101 Dalmations, is "'Dark, dark, dark,' barked Colonel, the sheepdog."

Am                             F
The sun is slowly setting, the shadows growing long.
  G                                D
A blood-red moon is rising and you hear a darkling song.
Am                                 D
All the streets are empty for good folk are safe within.
F                              E
You are all alone here and the demon's in the wind.

	D                          Am
	Dark, dark, dark!  You can feel it in your bones.
	D                        Am
	Dark, dark, dark!  It is night the demon owns.
	D                          Am
	Dark, dark, dark!  He will never go away.
	    E              Am            G                Am
	The darkness is forever now, for it's the demon's day.

Hurry through the streets  the wind is chill and cold.
You spent too long collecting your last ounce of trader's gold.
When you rose to leave, they thought you had lost your mind.
After you pushed past them, they barred the door behind.

You did not fear the legend  it would not make you stay.
You had a room all paid for waiting seven blocks away.
But now you have arrived  there's no light from any crack.
The door is barred against you and the moon is turning black.


Hammer on the door  there's no answer to your call.
Stumble through the darkness, wait for demon's hand to fall.
There is no light to guide you through the dark of demon's night.
Icy breath is on your neck, your heart is clenched with fright.

Push against the wind and the demon pushes back.
Hurls you up against the wall and breaks your money sack.
Gold rings on the stone as you're fixed by demon's eye
Glowing crimson in the dark  your time has come to die.

	         E              Am            G                Am
	And your darkness is forever now, for it's the demon's day.