Elements of Disaster

Lyrics and Music ©2004 by Bill Roper

In his fine comic book, Astro City, Kurt Busiek once briefly showed a group of villains called the Elements of Disaster. The elements here are far different than his group, but equally disastrous.

Am7             Fmaj7                  Am7
We are bonded together in our separate ways,
            Fmaj7     G6               Am7
Fearing the nighttime and dreading the days.
                   D7/9    Fm6                Am7
Four for life in a balance that was perfectly round.
                       Fmaj7      G6             Am7
Now we're squaring the circle and discover we've found

	Am7                 Fmaj7
	We're elements of disaster,
	G6                     Am7
	Earth, air, water, and fire.
	Answering questions we asked there,
	G                      E7
	Wondering if we're the liars.
	Am7                 Fmaj7
	We're elements of disaster,
	G6                      Am7
	Earth, fire, water, and air.
	Living a life we once mastered,
	E7                    Am7
	Wondering if we still care.

Air feeds the fire for water to quench.
Earth isn't playing  he's asleep on the bench.
Fire flashes water  we're enveloped in steam.
And no one's left standing to take a shot for the team.


When we're lying together, earth and water make mud.
One morass of emotions that's much thicker than blood.
Fire bakes out water, cracking earth into clay.
Now air's a tornado and the dust storm's away.


	Fmaj7                    Am7 
	Fire, air, water, earth, feelings that were given birth.
	Fmaj7                        Am7
	Earth, air, fire, and water, bound together for the altar.
	Fmaj7                    Am7
	Air, earth, water, fire, emotions that are burning higher.
	Fmaj7                    E7
	Earth, fire, water, air, no one's left to care.

(Repeat First Verse, Chorus)