Games That Children Play

Lyrics and Music ©2008 by Bill Roper

One of the nice things about being a new father is seeing the simple delights of childhood again.

Dmaj7              Am7
Take your hand and spin the wheel
    C/G              G
And tell me if these things are real.
     Dmaj7     Em7
It's magical
        Dmaj7      Em7
And phantasmical.
Dmaj7          Am7
Watch now as I roll the dice
    C/G            G
And never the same number twice.
  Dmaj7    Em7
            Dmaj7     Em7
And somehow lyrical.
Cmaj7                           Dmaj7
There's a song that's searching for us
     Cmaj7                         A7
If I only find the words I need to say.

Dmaj7        Em7
Over, under, down the hollow.
Cmaj7             G        A
Chase the rabbit, learn to follow.
Dmaj7         Em7         G        A
Find a bit of magic in an ordinary day.
Dmaj7         Em7
If you had to make a choice
     Cmaj7           G       A
And, having made it, give it voice
          Dmaj7           Em7                    G                A
Would you tell me all the words that you've been waiting there to say?
           G             A                   Dmaj7 Em7 Dmaj7 Em7
As we're remembering the games that children play.

Round and round, we chase the ball,
But in the end, we see it fall
Into a hole
Until we pay the toll.
Shimmering bubbles drifting there,
Dancing in the autumn air
Until they pop
Or someone hollers stop.
There's a song that's searching for us
If I only find the notes I need to play.

Tell me, tell me, do you see
A cat there talking in that tree?
So graciously
And quite loquaciously.
Twist the world and tweak it there
And conjure castles in the air
From fairy dust
And somehow learn to trust.
There's a song that's searching for us
If I only find the chords I need to play.

(Chorus twice)
        G             A
We're remembering the song
      G                A
We forgot for much too long
        Em7                 A7
Getting strong from all the games
              Dmaj7   Em7 G Dmaj7
That children play.