Genie In a Bottle

Lyrics and Music ©2007 by Bill Roper

Gretchen, more familiar with 90s music than I am, informs me that Christina Aguilera's first big hit was a song by this title. The song below is completely unrelated and, fortunately, you can't copyright titles.

Gretchen notes that she doesn't want to see me dressed like Christina Aguilera. This, fortunately, appears to be the majority opinion.

Amaj7            Em7
If you dream it, I can make it.
D6                  Dm6
Just reach out your hand and take it.
Amaj7     Em7
          Am7    Em7
It's very real.
Amaj7         Em7
Anything your heart desires
     D6               Dm6
I'll conjure from the magic fires
    Amaj7   Em7
For you.
            Amaj7    Em7
It's really true.

	Dmaj7    Dm7        A
	I'm your genie in a bottle
	Dmaj7 Dm7              A
	And I wait for your command.
	Em7       D6            A
	Yours the hand upon the throttle.
	G      D6                E7
	I, the engine, shape the land.

If you want it, you can have it.
Just reach out your hand and grab it.
It's all for free.
If in your mind some whim occurs
Just say the word and it is yours.
Like so.
And now you know.

	There's no limit to my power.
	There is nothing I can't do.
	I can topple any tower
	And I'll do it all for you.
If you'd have it, just command it.
There's no need for you to stand it.
Sit in the chair.
Take the throne of one who rules
And you can save those other fools
From fate.
It's not too late.

	You are wiser than the others.
	You were surely born to lead.
	Watch now as the world discovers
	We can give them what they need.

Your hand around my bottle curled,
You have the power to rule the world.
But wait!
You hesitate.
You order me go back within
And then you jam the stopper in.
It's capped.
And I am trapped.

	Now my bottle's quite well hidden.
	You were wiser than I thought.
	So I must do as I was bidden
	Till some other mortal's caught.

If you dream it, I can make it.
Just reach out your hand and take it.
It's very real.
Anything your heart desires
I'll conjure from the magic fires
For you.
It's really true.
         Amaj7     Em7
It's all true.
It's true.