Lyrics and Music ©2012 by Bill Roper

There are a great many people who contributed in one way or another to this song. There was Juliana, who asked to borrow Gretchen's guitar for OVFF. To free up some space in the van, I took it along to ConText this weekend so Erica and Steve could transport it the rest of the way. When I stopped to pick up Erica and Steve, Erica was running a bit late because of a train, so I had time to sit on her porch and noodle on the guitar that I'd pulled out of the car to go in the house, during which time I constructed a chorus.

And then we got to the con and Bill and Brenda recruited Erica and me for a round-robin concert that they were in on the subject of filk horror, pointing out -- with some justification! -- that Erica and I write a lot more horror than they do. :) Well, I had this perfectly good chorus lying around and when the filk broke up early, I ended up scrawling it out on a piece of paper up in my room. And I had the paper and the guitar out and one thing led to another and...

So here's the new song that I wrote for the panel. I hope you like it. :)

          Em                  D
There are creatures searching for you,
F                  C              G      Am
Ghosts and goblins waiting at the door,
But what for?
    Em                D
You know they can’t ignore you.
F                     C             G       Am
You’re their favorite kind of tasty treat.
Good to eat.
        Am                              C
They’re pounding at the doorway, but it will not let them through.
        Am                          D
They’ve got to find another path to lead them here to you.

    Em                                Am    
The darkness will surround you as the walls are growing thin.
        C               Am7/G            Bm            B7
And you see the moon is rising, but it’s rising with a grin.
       Em                              Asus2
In the corners of your vision, you see things from in between.
        Cadd9         Am7/G           Bm   B7         Em
They’re coming now to take you on the night – of Halloween.

Em   Asus2   Em   Asus2

Walls are there for reasons,
Separating things we cannot face
From our race.
At the turning of the seasons,
Summer yields reluctantly to fall.
Watch the wall!
The boundaries between the worlds are stretched so very tight
And things that we should never see are coming here tonight.

     Am                                 C
They want to feel your terror when your world’s not what it seems.
     Am                               Bm                B7
They want to see you running and they want to hear your screams.

There’s safety yet in numbers.
Throw another log upon the fire,
Burning higher.
No night for peaceful slumbers.
Together we can wield the power of light
Against the night.
So raise your torches higher and we’ll blind the creatures’ eyes.
Don’t dare to leave the circle of the light that they despise.

Asus2   Em
Of Halloween.
Asus2   Em
Of Halloween.