Happily Ever After

Lyrics and Music ©2012 by Bill Roper

I started writing this while waiting for something to install on Friday and had the chorus and half a verse. Then I ran Katie and Julie out to play so Gretchen could get something done around the house. It was really hot and there were no kids in the two big parks near our house, so I took them to the McDonald's with a PlayPlace instead. While there, I wrote a verse and a half on a napkin. Then I came home and kept adding words to the lines until they actually fit the rhythm I'd already established. (There are a great many words...)

Finally, I built a bridge and declared victory. :)

G              D
It’s making me crazy,
Em7                   CaddD            G
Working at my job all day and into the night.
And it’s making you crazy,
Em7                    CaddD               G
Looking after kids and breaking up another fight.
         D           Em7                     A7
It’s not easy, but I know we’re gonna find a way
To get to tomorrow

Past the trouble that we borrow,
‘Cause every day’s a better day.

And I’ll live

G            D         C/G                      G
Happily ever after, as long as I am living with you.
Em7            Am7                  C/G                              D 
It took such a long time, but we’re better for the things we’ve been through.
C/G                     G/D         Em7                            A
And we’ll get through tomorrow, the way that we will get through today
         C/G          G      D7                         G
And live happily ever after, now that we’re together to stay.

It’s so hard to breathe now,
‘Cause everything is running and it always keeps on moving too fast.
You’ve got to believe now,
‘Cause the future’s always coming and the future’s always beating the past.
I remember, and I’m not here to relive yesterday.
I’ll be with you tomorrow.
I can beat down any sorrow,
‘Cause I only want to hear you say
That we’ll live

Well, I know I make you crazy

And you know you make me crazy
And that’s just the way that life should be,
‘Cause you’ve got to be a little crazy
       C/G                   G
If you want to keep your sanity.
And my only explanation

When we fail communication
And one of us is getting sore
Is to go resist temptation
And head for the summation,
       A7                   D
‘Cause every day I love you more.

And we’ll live

(Chorus twice)
           C/G          G      D7                         G
We’ll live happily ever after, now that we’re together to stay.