Hard Drive Calypso

Lyrics and Music ©2003 by Bill Roper

I was sitting in Gretchen's living room when my friend, John Donat, called. He's a customer engineer for Sun, which caused me to idly start singing the chorus. Gretchen made me finish it. Aren't you glad?

C                                 F
Dere's a software command for the CDC drive
         G                                C
Dat will make de front door open while de drive is alive.
And de drive she will shake and de drive she will spin
       G                                           C
And de drive she will fall over with your data within.
And dat CDC drive is no longer alive
      G                                           C
And I tell you, mon, your data -- it will never survive.

	F                         C
	Say see you later to your data
	G                       C
	And sing an ode to dead code.
	F                      C
	Any drive can make you hate her
	G                C
	When a backup is owed.

IBM made AT, it was faster you see
Den de old IBM-PC by a factor of three.
But dat CMI drive dat dey put dere inside
Would collect all of your data and commit suicide.
Yes, dat CMI drive, it was bad past belief,
So dey drop dem on de ocean floor and build a new reef.


You been workin' for weeks and de project is late,
So you stay dere long past midnight till a quarter to eight.
And de code she compile and de code she will run,
But you haven't done a backup since de project begun.
And de hard drive will know and de hard drive will crash
And de boss he will find out and he will -- well, anyway.

(Chorus twice)