Lyrics and Music ©2006 by Bill Roper

I was sitting in Phil and Lissa's living room one afternoon before the British filkcon. Gretchen had gone off to take a nap and our hosts were at work, when this song popped up in answer to "Behind the Mask". Apparently, there is a communications problem between our two protagonists...

C9         Fmaj7/C     C9              Fmaj7/C
Power is illusion that whispers in the wind
Em7                   Am7/G
Seeking to take my confusion
    D7sus4     D7/9      Fm6           G/D
And lead me to battles I can't hope to win.
   C9                Fmaj7/C    C9              Fmaj7/C
In moonlight glowing softly, in starlight I can see
Em7                        Am7/G
Patterns there waiting for shaping
   D7sus4       D7/9         Fm6         G/D
To take you and hold you and bind you to me.

	Em7                  Am7/G
	I have fought half a lifetime
	Em7              Am7/G
	To hold back the night,
	   D7sus4         Fm6         Em
	So how could this time be the right time
	   D7sus4    Fm6            G
	To turn to a thing that I'd fight?

Power calls for payment, but the price can be too high,
For the price I have paid to defend you
Has left me a ruin and left me a lie.
I see you as you're sleeping, moonlight in your hair.
Not knowing the secret I'm keeping
And knowing you'd run if you dreamt it were there.

	I could force you to love me
	With patterns of light and of air.
	And I look at the moon shine above me
	And I know that I can't make you care.

I did not fight the darkness to take what isn't mine,
So please keep on thinking me heartless
And don't take a moment to e'er look behind
This old mask I am wearing that hides a ruined man.
Keep thinking I'm long since past caring
For I know, if you saw, that no girl like you can.