Inconstant Moon

Lyrics and Music ©2005 by Bill Roper

So how can you go wrong with Shakespeare?

       G                 F
If the moon was made for love,
C                 D
Pale fire shining down from above,
C               D                  Em     D
What's gonna be left when it goes away?
     G              F
And, when a love is new,
   C                 D
We know just what to do,
    C                    D                 G
But when that love grows old, what will we say?

	   F                C
	So swear not by the moon,
	     G                 D
	That damned inconstant moon,
	    Em             C             Am7            D
	For she's a fickle lady and I'll be in darkness soon.
	    F              C
	No, swear to me by time
	         G              D
	That you always will be mine
	          F                 Em             D
	‘Till the space between the moments slips away.

And with a lover's sight
In our reflected light,
We see a perfect love without a mark,
But if the light should wane,
Our love might bring new pain
For getting lost is easy in the dark.

You might say it's just a phase,
But love moves in mysterious ways
And I'd like to see what happens when the cycle turns.
So put aside your doubt.
Trim the wick so love won't blow out
And we'll watch for the new moon as our candle burns.

	(Chorus twice)
	          C                 D              G
	‘Till the space between the moments slips away.