Jump In

Lyrics and Music ©2010 by Bill Roper

Yes, I've been working on a musical about magic. Having two kids has slowed the process down a bit. :)

This song is not related to the musical and is much more contemporary. It's just about someone who is having his worldview upset. One spell at a time...

E7sus4        Cmaj7
No sleight of hand,
E7sus4       Cmaj7
He's a magic man.
   Am7                   Am7/G             B7
It doesn't really matter what you think or feel.
E7sus4       Cmaj7
He's got the power
E7sus4       Cmaj7
And it's the hour
            Am7              Am7/G                      B7
When you've got to let go of everything you thought was real.
G             D                  Em7
You're just a pawn in the cosmic plan
           G                      D                              B7
And you're gonna have to grab the power if you want to stay in demand.
	You've got one foot in and one foot out
	            C/G                         Em7
	And there's no way that you're leaving alive.
	  A7                 A7/G
	Although you want to scream and shout
	       B7                    B7/G           B7        E7sus4   A7 (x2)
	You've got to jump in if you want to have a chance to survive.

Put down the drink
And try to think
As the hair on the back of your neck begins to rise.
If what you see
Just cannot be
Are you gonna believe the truth of your own lying eyes?
The power is waiting for you to take control
And you're gonna have to do it soon if you want to save your mortal soul.

G             D                      Em7
Everything is strange since he came around
        C                           Am7/G                B7
And the magic man says that they're gonna try to cut you down.
Cmaj7             E7sus4
Now your power's awake.
       Cmaj7               E7sus4
It's a prize that they can take.
        Cmaj7                  Am7/G           B7
There's only one choice that's left for you to make.

Wand in your hand.
Power to command.
Don't dare to dream that it's not real.
Set loose the spark.
Watch lightning arc.
Magic's gonna fill you up from head to heel.
And soon this pawn will be a king,
But the magic man's gotta keep you living till you learn to make the magic sing.

(Chorus twice)

     E7sus4     A7
Jump in.
     E7sus4     A7
Jump in.
Jump in.