Make a Joyful Noise

Lyrics ©2019 by Bill, Gretchen, Katie, and Julie Roper
Music ©2019 by Bill and Gretchen Roper

Julie has graduated from Terrace now, following Katie to middle school at Iroquois. We started this song for Mrs. Prost, the music teacher, last year and finally finished it just before school ended. We're glad that she likes it.

G             D      C         G
Make a joyful noise, find your song.
C             G         D
Count out the measures, short or long
C             G
Follow notes along the staff,
C                   G
Eighth and quarter, whole and half.
C            G
Hold up your head and laugh
    D             G
And make a joyful noise

G            D           C          G
Music paints pictures in watercolor hues:
C                   G               D
A river's course, a city's pulse, a dancer's crimson shoes.
C            G            C             G
Fairy castle images, translucent in the air
C                   G             D
Close your eyes and see it as the music takes you there.

Music without words has its story to embrace:
Enchanted brooms, a pesky wolf, a satellite in space.
Melodies that rise and fall, a tale that's taking wing!
And when the music comes to rest we'll know just why we sing.

Music is a language everyone can share.
One soul can touch another if we only choose to dare.
Letís make a song together with hand and heart and voice
And raise the chorus higher as we make a joyful noise.

(Final chorus and repeat last two lines)

Hold up your head and laugh
And make a joyful noise.