Make a Trade

Lyrics and Music ©2001 by Bill Roper

Quoting my lovely bride again, "You need to write more ose. If the problem is that I'm making you too happy to write ose, I can fix that."

Ah, an incentive plan.

So, should our protagonist make this trade or not? And please remember to show your work.

Em                                     A
You awaken in the nighttime and you're calling out her name.
         C                                  D
It's the pattern you're repeating since the day she died in flame.
         Em                                        A
But your prayers will soon be answered.  There's a bargain to be made.
       C                              D
I have come to make an offer.  I have come to make a trade.
       Em         A        Em        A
Make a trade.

	       C                           Em
	I will offer you a bargain.  It is good for just one night.
	       C                             Em
	Do you look at me in horror?  Do you look at me in fright?
	    A                            Em
	The answer can be yes to all the words that you have prayed
	    C               D            Em
	And all you have to do is make a trade.

She died without a reason and in such an awful way
That you had no chance to save her if you'd been there on that day.
I can bring her back to life for you, let the balance be reweighed.
It's the easiest of bargains, if you want to make a trade.
Make a trade.

	The formula is simple  only life can buy a life.
	You only have to name the name and I'll bring back your wife,
	As if it never happened, for the past can still be swayed.
	And all you have to do is make a trade.

I'm afraid that you don't understand  that name will never do.
You cannot name your own name when I've come to deal with you.
There surely must be someone  there's no need to be afraid.
Just name the poor damned bastard that you're giving up in trade.
Make a trade.

	You claimed to me you loved her  there's no reason to delay.
	There must be someone in this world that you would give away.
	There's only moments left if there's a bargain to be made.
	Just give me up a name if you want to make a trade.

	    C                                    D                 Em
	You tell me that you loved her  say the name and make the trade.