Lyrics and Music ©2012 by Bill Roper

I wrote this song for the OVFF Songwriting Contest on the way back from ConText late in September. The topic for this year (which I checked a few times to make sure I was reading correctly :) ), was "Come Fly With Me". I started poking at lyrics and then realized who the song belonged to, which made it much easier to put together.

I ended up finishing third, which is the best I've done at OVFF, so that works out pretty well.

And I like the song a lot.

C                Am7/G
I want to look into your eyes
Dm7                 G
And promise I wonít tell you lies
     C/G         Am7/G         Dm7                 G
Like every other humbug wizard passing through the fair.
Dm7                     G
And hope that you might take a chance
   C/G         Am7/G
On understated elegance,
     Dm7           Dm            G          C/G
A conveyance of my own design to take us anywhere.
     Dm7                 G
Come fly with me through space and time.
C/G               Am7/G
Iíll conjure up a bit of rhyme
    Dm7          G
And maybe summon up a tune
   Em7             Am7/G
To sing as we sail past the moon.
Dm7              G
As weíre sitting sharing dreams,
 E7           Am7/G
Realityís not what it seems.
      Dm7            G
My balloon can carry two.
     Dm7            G              C/G   Am7/G Dm7 G
Come fly with me so I can fly with you.

Beneath the canopy unfurled,
Weíll drift between the different worlds
Where nothing is impossible that hasnít happened yet.
And hope that it is not amiss
If I lean over for a kiss
That Iíve held in abeyance since the moment that we met.
Come fly with me through time and space.
Iíll conjure up some better place
And summon up your heartís desire
As we sail safe past lakes of fire.
From here to there and back again,
Weíre sailing off to anywhen.
My balloon can carry two.
Come fly with me so I can fly with you.

    Dm7          G            C/G                 Am7/G
Iím not like any other wizard that you might have seen,
    Dm7               G            Em7             Am7/G
For I have learned my lessons in a land of emerald green.
    Dm7               G            E7            Am7/G
And though I once was humbug, I am better than I was
    Dm7               Dm                             G
And I have learned to do the things an honest wizard does.

I hope that you might venture soon
To take a ride in my balloon.
Iíll cast away the moorings and weíll sail into the sky.
And I will promise this to you:
My wizardís word is finally true,
ĎCause even an old humbug can someday learn to fly.
Come fly with me to anywhere.
Iíll conjure anything you dare
And summon up some worthy cause
For us to journey back to Oz,
Where realityís another scene
All colored up in emerald green.
My balloon can carry two.
Come fly with me so I can fly with you.

    Dm7            G              C/G
Come fly with me so I can fly with you.