Lyrics and Music ©2000 by Bill Roper

Time travel is a tricky business.

(Capo 5)

Cmaj7                 Em7
Once upon a lifetime, once upon a dream,
  Am7                        Dm7                   G
I understood the answers and things were what they seemed.
    Cmaj7                          E7           Am
But once upon a lifetime, I picked up and cast away.
      F           Dm7             F/C            G
Now reality's not certain like it was just yesterday.
          Cmaj7                           Dm7             G
There are pieces in my pocket.  There are scraps upon the floor.
          Dm7                  G            E7            Am
There are scenes and signs and portents I remember from before.
    Dm7         G                  Em7           Am
The dandelion's seeds are floating high upon the wind.
      Dm7           F                F/C           G
The kaleidoscope is turning  it's a new time to begin.

	            Cmaj7                          Am7
	Through the pieces of a lifetime, like the fragments of a dream,
	      D7/9                               G                    G7
	I can almost reach and touch them, but I don't know what they mean.
	       Cmaj7                          Am7
	In the shards of my tomorrows, I seek out a life that's real,
	        D7/9           G              Cmaj7
	But I'm left alone not knowing how to feel.

Impossible, unlikely, unusual, and strange
Are words that lose their meaning when the timelines rearrange.
The things that once were certain are no longer quite the same.
The memory's a moment and I can't recall your name.
The warp and weft unravel  is it real or is it not?
And I chase a clockwork baby for a reason I've forgot.
The answers I am seeking are a second's tick away,
But I'm sliding sidewise lost in time and I don't know how to stay.


The pictures blur and alter as I drift upon the tide,
And in a peaceful moment, I can dream you to my side.
You are locked inside a bubble and I think I'll go insane
As the pieces of the puzzle make a whirlpool down the drain.
There's a chance I might remember.  There's a chance that I might break,
But if it brings you back to me, it's a chance I'll have to take.
You are my only anchor as I'm lost on time's dark sea
And I need you to remember  to remember this for me.


Am7	     D7/9              G               Cmaj7
	When I come home, I'll know just how I feel.