Reality Breaks

Lyrics and Music ©2013 by Bill Roper

It had been nuts around here. More to the point, it was the sort of nuts where I wasn't writing much of any music.

But then I found time to pick up the guitar and, over the course of a week or so, the following song came together.

    Am7               Dm7
The world has gone to pieces.
          G                 Dsus2
There are flames across the sky.
    Am7     Dm7
All anybody sees is
           Fmaj7        G
That weíre all about to die.
   Fmaj7                Em7
So say your prayers for goodness sakes.
Itís what youíve got to do when reality breaks.
    Fmaj7              Em7
The madman thinks that heís in charge,
But letís grab control and start living large.

    Am7           Dsus2
Iím Superman, the man who flies.
    Fmaj7              G
Iím not like all those other guys.
      Dm7               Em7
Weíre going for a trip across the skies
And we will not need a plane.
   Am7                Dsus2
Go stepping out, make our escape,
      Fmaj7                        G
And I always thought Iíd look good in a cape.
          Dm7               Em7
Thereís a brand new reality taking shape
                            E7         Am7   Dsus2 Am7 Dsus2
And you could do worse than being Lois Lane.

Now history is twisted.
A factís a tricky thing.
Youíll never know you missed it
Unless you grab the ring.
Itís floating free, if you can see.
Itís the power thatís shaping our reality.
The madman knows that heís the Beast,
But weíve got to reach out and get our piece.

      Fmaj7            G
I can be anyone that I need to be
    C/G                       Am7
And you could be Wonder Woman next to me.
   Fmaj7                 G
To save the world, weíve got to be clever
And I could do worse than being Steve Trevor.

Now we have got the power.
The madman has gone down.
The question of the hour
Is if we should stick around.
Or let go the ring of reality,
Go back to ordinary you and me,
Or keep the power, be brave and bold.
Save the world and break the mold.

(Chorus twice)
Dsus2     Am7
Or Wonder Woman.
D      Am7     D    Am7    D    Am7
Wonder Woman.