Lyrics ©2004 by Bill and Gretchen Roper
Music ©2004 by Bill Roper

Gretchen had been kicking the chorus of this song around for a while. I was busy being seasick, so when she asked me to take a look at it and set it to music, it wasn't like I was in a hurry to go anywhere. She was surprised to find out that the music was pretty, but it seems to suit it.

A little time spent hammering out the lyrics for the verses and we were right there.

	Cmaj7     Fmaj7      Cmaj7        Fmaj7
	Sing me a song about ray guns and rocket ships,
	Cmaj7         Am7         Dm7       G
	Bright starry futures and alternate pasts.
	Cmaj7     Fmaj7      Cmaj7    Fmaj7
	Sing me a song about heroes undaunted,
	Cmaj7          Am7        Dm7            E7
	Death that's defeated and true love that lasts.
	Dm7       G          Em7         Am7
	Sing me a song about wizards and wanderers,
	Dm7         G         E7           Am
	Dragons and unicorns, all of their ilk.
	Dm7       G             Dm7           G
	Sing me a song now that fills me with wonder.
	Dm7              Fmaj7    G           Cmaj7
	That's the whole reason I came to the filk.

Cmaj7    Fmaj7         Cmaj7        Am7
He was a farm boy with eyes full of wonder
      Dm7                  G
And a far away look on his face.
Cmaj7      Fmaj7       Cmaj7     Am7
Constantly dreaming of going out yonder
    Dm7                G
And riding a ship into space.
Dm7        G         Cmaj7   Am7
He stowed away on an Antares freighter.
     Dm7         G          Cmaj7
They took him as one of the crew.
     Dm7         G           Cmaj7        Am7
He's back as the Captain now twenty years later
    Dm7                    G     G7
And telling his stories to you.


Strangeness surrounded her, real life confounded her.
The villagers sent her away.
Power misunderstood still could be used for good,
The teacher she found came to say.
"Uncontrolled magic's a terrible burden,
But magic once tamed is a boon."
Now she's respected, a witch of her word and
Dancing beneath a full moon.


Searching for something that once had existed,
The tinkerer builds his machine.
Traversing the time stream, his feelings insisted
The lady was not just a dream.
Lost in a time ripple, she was his future
And he was just part of her past.
Mending reality, sewing the suture,
And drawing her homeward at last.

(Chorus twice)