Lyrics ©2001 by Bill and Gretchen Roper
Music ©2001 by Bill Roper

Gretchen and I wrote this song before Steve Macdonald embarked on his Worldream tour. We'd heard the song that he and Steve Simmons had put together and that Steve was planning to use at the time. Unfortunately, we were convinced that it was a perfectly fine song -- but entirely wrong for what Steve had in mind.

Of course, Brenda Sutton had already written a perfect song for the purpose, "Strangers No More". But Smac wasn't familiar with it, so we thought we'd try writing yet another song on the topic and see what the result was.

Well, the result was that Smac wrote "Many Hearts, One Voice" which was much better suited to the Worldream project. And Gretchen and I got a song out of it too, even if I do like it better than Gretchen does. (But I'm the one writing the notes, so I get the last word.)

I've traveled round the country
    F              C
And far across the sea.
    F       C         F      C
For work or fun, when day is done,
I know where I will be.
      F           C
We'll gather in a circle
    F             G7
And let the music rise,
    F           C              F       C
For friends are there; they've come to share
  G7               C
Beneath the starry skies.

F                   C
Some folks share by listening.
F               C
Some folks hum along.
F                   C
Some folks layer in harmonies,
But we're all part of the song.
    F              C
And each one is an instrument,
    E7             Am
And each note is a friend.
          F     C        F        C
Still the music goes, it ebbs and flows,
       G7    F      C
But it never really ends.
Some songs are familiar
And some I've never heard.
Both new and old, the story's told
In melody and word.
The friends I've known forever
And friends that I've just met
Bring love and care; we've come to share
And we're not stopping yet.


What we've made together
Cannot outlive the night,
But songs we've played and friendships made
Won't vanish with the light.
In unity of purpose,
We'll gather once again.
The family grows and each one knows
That a circle has no end.

(Chorus twice)

No, it never really ends.
Yes, it never really ends.