Lyrics and Music ©2021 by Bill Roper

The pandemic pretty much put paid to my songwriting for a while. But I was getting ready to go to Marcon, which would be the first con that I'd been to in a very long time, and I wanted to have a new song. I guess I still can.

Asus2                             A7
Shooting stars are pretty as they streak across the sky
          D                                      Dm6
And their lightís there for a moment, then their light has passed us by.
        Asus2                                A7
Theyíre not the light I like to see, theyíre not the light I hope to be.
  D                           Dm6
I want to go on shining and I hope you will agree
        Asus2                         E7sus4     Asus2 E7sus4 Asus2
That we ought to shine together for a long, long time.

   G/D              D                Asus2
My world is so much better when itís all filled up with light.
G/D               D                            E
Light to show the pathway in the middle of the night,
D                A         G/D                  A
Light that never fails me, light thatís glowing strong,
G/D                                               E
Light to give me hope when all the world is going wrong.

I look up to the heavens to a sky thatís filled with stars.
The light thatís generations old is now the light thatís ours.
The light that guided ships at sea wherever they may roam,
Light thatís like the light I see thatís going to lead me home.

The points of light that guide us from the stars so far away
Are suns much like our own that brings us new life every day.
Life and light forever shine in the expanse.
We can shine together as we spin through timeís long dance.

(Chorus twice)
   Asus2                         E7sus4     Asus2 E7sus4
We ought to shine together for a long, long time.
   Asus2                         E7sus4                Asus2
We ought to shine together for a long, for the longest time.