Starry Weather

Lyrics and Music ©2014 by Bill Roper

I was noodling with a couple of chords on my guitar after playing my new song for Erica when I stopped at her and Steve's place on the way down to Marcon and noted that they sounded interesting.

A few days later, they decided they wanted to climb into a song. :)

    Dsus2             Cmaj7
I知 counting down the time
Am7/G           Dsus2
Under starlight showers.
Listen for the chime
Am7/G           Dsus2
Marking off the hours.
Am7/G            Dsus2
I致e been off to roam
A7sus4          Dsus2
With the time I borrowed.
Am7/G          Dsus2
Now I知 coming home.
A7sus4                Dsus2
I値l be there 素ore tomorrow.

Dsus2   Cadd9 G6    Dsus2
And the stars shine on.
         Cadd9     G6      Dsus2
And they shine for you and me.
  Cadd9     G6       Dsus2
Before this night is done,
        Em7               A7sus4              Dsus2
I値l be home with you and you値l be home with me.

2x [ Cadd9 (open) Em7 (open) Dsus2 ]

All the pretty lights
Hanging up in heaven.
Just so many nights
In the time that we are given.
Time we spent apart,
Time we spent together.
I知 reaching for your heart
Through all this starry weather.

The stars come out to dance
As I fly through distant spaces
To the memory of romance
And long-delayed embraces.
I am homeward bound,
Just the stars and I together,
Coming back around
From the far side of forever.

(Chorus twice)
Cadd9o    Em7o      Dsus2
You値l be home with me.
Cadd9o    Em7o      Dsus2
You値l be home with me.
Cadd9o    Em7o      Dsus2
You値l be home with me.