Stuck On You

Lyrics ©2014 by Bill and Gretchen Roper
Music ©2014 by Bill Roper

Gretchen and I wrote this song for the OVFF Songwriting Contest. The topic this year was "A Sticky Situation" and we figured it would qualify. We finished tied for second, so I'm guessing the judges figured it qualified too. :)

    C                             F
Our family owns a cargo ship that flies among the stars.
   G                                  F                   C
It may not look like much to you, but weíre all glad itís ours.
The two of us and our two girls
    C                  A
Are hauliní freight to alien worlds
And everywhere that we are bound,
        G                  G7
Thereís one thing keeps us going round.

Iím stuck on you.  Iím stuck on you.
Iím stuck on you.  Iím stuck on you.
         G                                F               C
Whatever time and space throws at us, one thing is always true:
      F                          C                   A
As we fly across the galaxy, Iím glad that itís with you.
       F          G           F     G7 C
In any sticky situation, I am stuck on you.

Even out among the planets, little girls must go to school
And our Teacher-Bot 3000S keeps learning kind of cool.
Theyíve learned all sorts of wondrous things
About reading, math, and Saturnís rings.
And just before the last exam,
Katie learned to hack the botís program.

This is what you get for telling her about the Kobayashi Maru.
I didnít expect that sheíd take Captain Kirk as a role model.
Why not?  You did!

Our girls have friends they play with on the subspace ethernet
And theyíre all good at hologames I havenít mastered yet.
I swear these things are nearly real
With holograms that you can feel.
One left the game and came shipboard
And I met an Evil Overlord.

How did you manage to get tied up by a hologram in the first place?
He was remarkably solid for a hologram.
Could you just untie me?
Sure.  But what are we going to do about the Evil Overlord?
Well, he told me his whole plan.  I figure Julie should be able to find the flaws in about five minutes.
I swear, sheís going to run the galaxy some day.  And not in a good way...

Our girls like to leap and dance, but they really hate to fall
And a cargo hold at zero-g means they neednít fall at all.
At least until containers burst.
The Martian broccoli was first.
And as it floated there bright red,
Maple syrup leaked from overhead.

This is the worst stickiest mess Iíve ever seen.
Thatís because you never changed diapers.
I suppose weíre going to have to scrape the girls off the wall.
Yes, we are.  After a nice quiet dinner.
Iím good with that.  Katie, Julie, half-hour timeout.

(Chorus twice)
	F     G7 C      F   G   C
I am stuck on you.