The Cold, Cold Sun

Lyrics and Music ©2010 by Bill Roper

When you look at the history of climate on Earth for the last few million years, you see that there's been a lot of ice, except for those brief warm periods when the glaciers melt. We're in one of those now and it's due to end soon. What happens then?

Amaj7           A7
Summer came and man arose,
 D           Dm
A story everybody knows.
    Amaj7             A7
And in the lands that glaciers fled,
    D                   Dm
The farmers learned and kept us fed
    Amaj7            Em7
And life was quite sublime
       Amaj7           Em7
In the land of endless summertime.
    Amaj7             G
For summer meant that seasons came
    D              Dm7
And went and came again
    Amaj7           G             E7
And man forgot that summer had to end.

The cold, cold sun,
    Em7              Dmaj7         Dm7
Not bright enough to keep the ice away.
    Amaj7           G
Now winter wants to come to stay.
     D                 F
He's not the guest I'd choose.
To avoid the blues,
    Amaj7       G
Set mirrors orbiting on high
   D                   Fmaj7
To catch the light and amplify
       G6                        Fmaj7
So the long, long summer will go on
And we'll keep on having fun
                      Amaj7   Em7   Amaj7   Em7
‘Neath the cold, cold sun.

Then came the day we had to learn
What happens when the cycle turns.
The axis wobbles in its spin,
The sun is just a little dim,
And in the northern clime
New snows won't melt in summertime.
The glacier's marching south again
To try to steal the homes of men
And bring our long, long summer to an end.

G                D                 Amaj7
Mirrors bloom in orbit like bright flowers,
Am7/G              Dmaj7         Amaj7
Daisies whose warm center is the sun.
    Bbmaj7                                 Amaj7
The glaciers tried to take the land that's ours,
    Am7/G             Dmaj7           E7
But now we've got the glaciers on the run.

We've tamed the fire, it will suffice
To drive away the marching ice
And on this world that gave us birth,
We've saved all life from Snowball Earth,
Arriving just in time
To rescue the long summertime.
And as we watch our mirrors dance,
We look out at the stars
And dream of endless summertime on Mars.

(Chorus twice)

               Amaj7   Em7
The cold, cold sun.
               Amaj7   Em7   Amaj7
The cold, cold sun.