The Sinister Walk

Lyrics and Music ©2008 by Bill Roper

I'd been kicking the idea for this song around for several years with several false starts that never quite worked out until it suddenly came together and jelled here. Of course, I've watched enough of Heroes in the last two years -- but this fellow's rather a bit of an anti-Hiro.

Am   G         F
Time waits for no man,
Am G       F
No man but me.
C    E7      Am
Take hold of my hand
D            E7
And you will see

      F            G        Am
We're going on the sinister walk,
F                 G            Am
Moving ‘tween the ticks of the clock,
F           G               C           Am
Taking everything and we're beating the odds
         Dm                              E7
As we're strolling round the planet like gods.

Walk down the sidewalk,
Weave through the crowd.
From tick until tock,
Time's disallowed.

I am the master
Of time and space.
I'm moving faster.
I'll win the race.  (And we're going...)

If I should want it,
It will be mine.
No need to flaunt it
And I'll be fine.

Leave them not knowing
That I exist.
When the breeze is blowing
I've vanished in the mist.  (And we're going...)

	     F    G        Am
	It's cold and it's lonely
	   Dm       G         Am
	Outside the bounds of time.
	F    G        Am
	This one time only,
	    D             E7
	I'm asking you to cross the line.  (And we're going...)

Time waits for no man,
No man but me.
Take hold of my hand
And you will see.

(Chorus twice)
          Dm           E7       Am
And we're going on the sinister walk.