The Wind From Rainbow's End

Lyrics and Music ©1981 by Bill Roper

I wrote this song for a friend of mine. It's probably the song of mine that's had the most impact on the fannish community. And it's the only solo Pegasus award that I've ever won.

This was one of those occasions when I couldn't sleep, got out of bed, and wrote the first two verses and the chorus. I looked at them, said to myself, "Ok, I know what this is about," and was able to get some sleep and finish the song the next day.

Songwriting as therapy for the restless mind. Try it some time.

Am           D        G              Am
When I was a child, I made my way to school
    F                 G              F            Am
And found the ways of children to be terrible and cruel.
Am          D               G                Am
Since I was different, they chose me for the one  
    F                G            Am
The subject of their pleasure, to torment just for fun.

When I was older, I found new books to read  
Of sorcerers and heroes, of wondrous words and deeds.
Dick and Jane and little Spot were quickly cast aside
As I dwelled in the fantasy of a magic carpet ride.

	Am  C          Am         Fmaj7            G  G7
	And I dream of stars, and rockets spitting fire.
	C          Am          D              G
	I dream of fairies and hobbits in the Shire.
	    F          G         C                    Am
	And pray for a wind that blows from Rainbow's End
	   Dm7       G7          Am
	To carry me away where I won't have to pretend.

And from the worlds I read of, I forged a mighty shield  
A gleaming wall of armor for the schoolyard battlefield.
And all the other children, they left me now alone,
For none of them could follow to the place where I had gone.


Now I am much older and school is far behind,
But still I am encircled by the walls within my mind.
And though they once kept others out, they've trapped me now within,
And I know I can't escape them  I don't know how to begin.