What Do You Want?

Lyrics and Music ©2009 by Bill Roper

This was not the song that I set out to write when I started working on it. The protagonist had other ideas.

If he weren't such a thoroughly unpleasant fellow, I could almost feel sorry for him. Almost. Because he's just too unpleasant to feel sorry for. But I feel very sorry for the people who will cross his path.

       Am          C             D            E7
In the dark of the night, you're planting the seed.
F                    E7
What do you want and what do you need?
    Am              G            F         E7
And do you have the guts now for doing the deed
       F                        E7
If you think that anybody might see?
         Am         C        D       E7
Will you follow the path wherever it leads?
F                    E7
What do you want and what do you need?
        Am             G            F          E7
Are you picking at the scab just to see how it bleeds?
F                                     E7
There's just no way you're letting it be
So you're setting me free.

Am   G        E7        Am
Promises that you can't keep.
D                         E7
Things you dream when you cannot sleep.
Am      G       E7      Am
Selling out and selling cheap.
    D                          E7
You might as well just give it away.
  Am      G       E7      Am
A mess of pottage in your hand.
D                     E7
Nothing's working the way you planned.
       Am        G         E7   Am
It's a life that you don't understand
           D                       E7
And you're looking for a reason to stay,
But you do anyway.

You know you want it, want it bad,
All the things that you never had.
You're getting older and getting mad
And you long ago forgot how to pray.
The things that should be yours by right
Laugh at you in the dark of night.
You feel your chest and it's getting tight.
You're thinking that somebody should pay
And you think they just may.

 F          Am
Imagine the stranger,
Em7          Am
Watching him run.
F        Am
Open the chamber.
G           E7
Load up the gun.

Smell of metal, smell of oil
Burn the blood that has learned to boil.
It's the end of pain and the end of toil.
Before you're done you're going to fly.
And you do not dare look in their eyes,
Dare not listen to anguished cries
For they're only going to tell you lies
And it isn't going to help them to try,
‘Cause it's a good day to die.