Imagination Rising

Lyrics and Music ©2008 by Bill Roper

Here's another song that's been kicking around in the back of my mind for a while. Gretchen likens it to the jazz version of Request, which seems like a fair thought.

I seem to like this song better than most of the folks in the circle, so it's mostly fallen out of my repertoire.

Em7                                 A7
If you're looking for your sense of wonder,
Em7                                A7
Searching for the things that tantalize,
Am7                             Em7
It's no secret that you want to wander,
Am7                               B7
Looking for the chance so you can rise.
I can see it in your eyes.

Em7                  Am7
Are you staring into heaven
C/G          D             Em7
Looking at a sky of velvet black?
If you could roll your lucky seven
    C/G                 D             Em7
And go out there, would you be coming back?
D                        Em7
Do you want to leave the system
    D                              B7
And go out where no man has gone before?
I can lead you to the door.

Would you ride upon a dragon
With wings to carry you across the sky?
And if you could, would you be bragging
Or simply glad you had the chance to fly?
I can take you there tomorrow
If you only take the time for me today.
I am showing you the way.

	     Am7                                     D
	Take off the shades that keep your mind from peeking
	       C/G              D                 Em7
	At the magic world that lives behind your eyes.
	     Am7                                D
	I'll lead you to the places you've been seeking
	    C/G                   D               B7
	And soon you'll find it's time for you to rise.
	There's no need to compromise.

Will you find me in the pages
Or staring back from on a silver screen?
I've got the secrets of the ages
And all you have to do is learn to dream.
I can take you to the future
Or places long ago and far away.
We are going there today.

A7           Em7
It's in your eyes.
A7            Em7
Yeah, in your eyes.
A7    Em7
Let's rise.